Jun 1, 2015

PCG Coach Amber Neben competed in the Winston-Salem Classic this past weekend and rode another solid race - finishing 2nd!

Neben, 40, has had to fight back from several bad crashes in recent years, the worst was in the 2013 Tour of California time trial, and another at last year's Joe Martin Stage Race that scuttled her 2014 season. She was happy to be able to follow Amialiusik's move and get a podium finish.
"It's just fun being a bike racer again and being in the mix," she told Cyclingnews.
Tasked with covering the moves from Velocio-SRAM by her team director, Neben had her work cut out for her. The team began lighting up the race halfway through as the field was already much reduced by sheer attrition from the heat, humidity and a tough, twisty 8-mile lap.
First Tayler Wiles and then Lauren Rowney put in promising moves, with Rowney's move with three laps to go gaining a minute. The field splintered chasing her back, and then Amialiusik countered.
"With three laps to go, toward the top of the climb, Alena went, and I knew that was the move right there," Neben said. "I dug really deep to be able to get to it. 
"It was hard, at that point, because I had used so many matches earlier, I was just in that mode where I need to be conservative. She was really strong. The second-to-last time up the climb both of my adductors seized up and I thought uh-oh, I had to try to relax and recover. It was just surviving the last lap - she was so strong. I did my best to hang on for second."
You can read the full report from CyclingNews here.

Great work Amber!! 


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