Jun 1, 2015

Jeffrey had another awesome ride at the Hero’s Anting International Car City Individual Time Trial. Jeffrey not only rode to a win but crushed the Masters field!

Here is Jeffrey’s race report from the TT, “I got first and the gray jersey. 41.7 KPH average. I also did an extra lap. Got a plastic bag 1st stuck in my wheel and then caught on my foot. But I had fun!! THANK YOU coach!

A great TT but wow, people drafting me, blocking me, and the evil plastic bag that was too big for words. First it nefariously gets in my wheel as I am passing a friendly British rider and then comes loose, wraps around my foot and I just couldn't get it off and then into my back wheel for what seemed like an eternity the fight went on but finally, triumphant the bag flew away looking for another victim. This was a narrow course, somewhat technical, one corner that was about 120 degrees and up a hill. The rest could be done full gas but with grit in the TT bars. Problem was other riders taking crazy lines, wobbling, I think there were three categories on the road at one time. The mixture wasn't kind to going fast but I did my best. I started out too hard, tried to find a rhythm, pushed, dodged, paced and finished. I would have been third in the Elite so I felt good overall, great in fact. I got the Gray jersey and first place. The podium was filled with great friendly sportsmen. I am proud of myself given the hellish week and that evil bag and the unnamed blockers.”

Way to go Jeffrey!!!

PCG Coach: Bill McLaughlin


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