Jun 10, 2015

In choosing an "A" event for this year, Bruce Rychlik considered that the most important thing for him to accomplish this year was to learn how to handle off-road riding. He felt that improving the skills and techniques required for off-road, whether that be cyclocross or mountain bike, could make the biggest difference in his racing. So instead of his annual European Cycling (Road) Grand Tour "A" event, he set out to create his very own Epic "Mountain Bike Camp Challenge" in Burke, VT. His PCG Coach Karen Mackin was invited along and was able to join him for 2.5 of the 6 days of the camp. He arranged for each morning to kick off with yoga followed by MTB skills instruction. After a catered lunch, his guide, Ian Dowling (of Village Sport Shop), took him on long afternoon fitness rides, mostly on trails but sometimes on the infamous dirt roads of Vermont. Bruce concluded each day of the camp with a massage and then dinner at one of the local favorite restaurants. By the end of the trip Bruce had racked up over 190 miles and just about 25,000ft. of climbing on sweet single track, skinny winding bridges and even playing at the amazing Pump Track. His accomplishments were epic as he went from "not even attempting" (i.e. getting off the bike and walking) to hitting personal records on over a dozen Strava segments he had frequented prior to this week’s MTB Camp Challenge. Congratulations Bruce!

PCG Coach: Karen Mackin


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