May 19, 2015

Jeffrey won the Tour of Chongming on Saturday and his team won the team trophy as well! He is flying high right now. Jeffrey has trained hard and it is really paying off with results. Here is his post-race report to his coach, “This race, wow I went over a 1000w like 10 times and over 900 many times. Burning candles like mad, but I came out on top. This race the corners were killer. Get in the pack and it was hell because every corner was an attack and the whole pack chased. Masters was combined with Elite and we did well our sprints, we were in the top 5 overall or 2nd in one case. A bridge came up about 30 meters from the finish so it was a small climb up to it and we had that for each direction. Staying towards the front really helped in the corners but then you were getting swarmed as a group attacked and this seemed to be non-stop and then fighting back to the front to avoid the crazy people in the corners. About 5 guys never followed lines and were disrupting everyone, but surprising no crashes. I now hold the Yellow Jersey and the Green Jersey. I got first today and 2nd in the 1st sprint and then 1st in the second sprint and then 1st at the end. Only 1 Elite guy beat me on that lap. Team result - we are in first. Masters we got 1st and 2nd. Elite 2nd. Great day 314NP for 48 minutes, but oh did it feel even harder than that! But in this race, I just did enough to win. I felt I conserved as much as possible and at the end I watched my sprint, I didn't go as hard as I could have but just enough to get a couple of bike lengths. 1st sprint I feel I could have one but felt it would take too much effort to get 1st in it so I held off. I felt wow he is killing it so I knew he couldn't get the 2nd sprint. I loved the race. Blew the idea of a break away out considering how hard the Elite would go. Most of the Masters held their own in the combined event."

Way to go Jeffrey!!!

PCG Coach: Bill McLaughlin


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