Apr 27, 2015

Jeffrey’s race report, “2nd place, my team and I controlled the pace but we couldn't break the pack. Team placement 1st, 2nd and 5th and 9th. Raced hard, planned on breaking away but it didn't work. A lot of strong riders showed for this one and the Gray jersey holder chased us down, or someone on his team pulled him, but there was a nice selection of new riders, mostly European who were dragging the pack with them as different groups bridged the gap. I was in charge, a weird position for me in cycling but I tried to save Joe and Ed from burning up and Ed ended up taking the win, but I edged out the Gray/yellow jersey holder in the end, 1 bike length, 3rd 10 to 15. It was fun. In the corners I would often be off the front by a few meters. I took the inside, 1 to avoid the gravel and 2 it is safer. Felt good about this race. Ed took off a little too quick at the end but it may have put me in front of the #1 overall. I am very close in points to taking the jersey.”

Jeffrey is on fire and getting stronger as the season goes! Great job Jeffrey!

PCG Coach: Bill McLaughlin


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