Apr 24, 2015

Javier’s race report, “Today "La Vuelta Nuevo Leon" ended and I am very happy with the result.  Since I participated in the 10 stages I am part of the general classification and the great news is I ended in 10th place.  It is a great outcome, since in this category I am racing with guys that have been to Central and Caribbean or Pan-American games or have been pros.  Of course there is a clear difference in times between those guys and myself but for being the first time in this category it is excellent.

Also I am ahead of guys that last year on the Master's serial were better than me and even one was second place. So there is a clear advance in my performance. 

As an overall summary I think the flat and long races were quite good.  My issues were clearly on the mountain and in the TTT where I had no team and was grouped. But my clear limiters were the strong anaerobic attacks especially in short mountains and of course the long climbs. 

I think that for the Masters that starts by the end of May we are going to be great.  I need to define the category I will be racing. It will be good to have a conference around this to see what you think, since the races distance change between categories.”

Great work, Javier! 

PCG Coach: David Tonello


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