Jun 21, 2013

Each year Bruce Rychlik sets as one of his "A" Goals: to feel stronger, climb better and just be able to outperform his previous years European Cycling Vacation Tour (maybe win a few KOM attempts against his fellow tour riders!).  These are no ordinary cycling vacations as they always involve very Long Days of Alps climbing!  This year the trip included an unplanned 4 km hike through knee-deep snow carrying the bikes to get over the Grand St. Bernard just to add to the challenge.   Bruce crushed (won) many of the climbs and felt great throughout.   Post Tour, his coach, Karen Mackin prescribed a little recovery, then came the testing.   On June 15th, 2013 he posted an all time Peak 20' Power (10 Watts higher than the previous PR) and the day after that an incredible all time record 1' Peak Power (Bruce affectionately referring to that 1' Peak as "Alps Induced").  Congratulations Bruce!

PCG Coach:   Karen Mackin