Apr 2, 2013

"My goal is to enjoy the day" explained Greg Judin to his PCG coach Karen Mackin when he told her about his plan for the Two Oceans 56k Ultra-Marathon.  He also placed a high priority on keeping his training so that he maintains a good life balance and would not over-train.  "Keeping him from over-training, that part was easy", explained Karen, "He followed the plan to a T, doing just what was necessary, including detailed logging of workout nutrition".   He wanted to avoid previous race fueling mistakes so the two got busy on experimenting to find out what would work best for his Ultra.   In his post race email, he simply said "4h39m Felt Good" and "Nailed my nutrition :)"

Turns out that 11,000 runners did the 56k Race and Greg placed 725th!!!   Way to Go Greg!

PCG Coach:  Karen Mackin