Apr 2, 2013

Tom Hackleman takes 3rd @ Independence Valley RR, Master 50+  Before a recent climbing race, my client tells me; "I'm not climbing well and my form really hasn't come around since our recent vacation, I'm not going to race"  Come to find out, he takes 3rd in Master 50+ field.  His race report" The race was a race of attrition. 25 guys started the 50+ race and it was awesome having a 4-man team there. Austin, Roof, Matson and I flew the OTB colors proudly and we were all together after the first big hill. After the 2nd and last time up the big hill things thinned out to 11 riders in the front. Surprisingly I was the only OTB guy left; there were 3 Cucinas, 4 Fischers, and 4 singles including Potter and me. I was getting gapped on the hills, with Potter setting the pace, but able to chase back on pretty easily with 2 or 3 other guys. After the last hill it was up to Cucina and Fischer to set up their guys so I just sat in until the finish. The sprint started at 200m. I started a little too far back and had to weave thru a few guys to get 3rd.

PCG Coach: Earl Zimmermann