Apr 8, 2013

Despite a heavy training week going into the weekend’s races, Arden Stelly won the Women’s 1/2/3 Rock Hill Criterium on Saturday and took second in the Road Race on Sunday.  In Saturday’s crit, Arden attacked early, staying away solo for nearly 20 minutes of the 45 minute race.  The other racers were finally forced to chase, bringing her back just as the counter attacks began.  Soon, two strong racers got away and Arden managed to bridge up to them, knowing she had the full support of her teammates in what remained of the field.  In Arden’s words, “On the last lap, I was sitting 2nd wheel, waiting for the lead rider to attack on the hill on the backside of the course.  She waited, though, until just before the final turn. She went really hard, but I caught her wheel and stayed on her. I was able to get around her with maybe 150m to go and won! Soooo excited!”

Arden raced aggressively again in Sunday’s 57-mile road race.  The description of the finish in her words:  “The sprint started early--just after the last turn. Longest, hardest sprint I've ever done. Barely edged out a girl for 2nd.”

Congratulations Arden!

PCG Coach:  Marianne Holt