Jun 8, 2017

On May 31 - June 2, PCG Athlete Mark Jackson, coached by Master/Elite Coach Christopher Myers, had an epic adventure at the Norfolk Cycling Stage Race in Norfolk, England.  

This UCI Grand Fondo Worlds qualifying athlete braved heavy winds, several mechanicals, and flats to still over come adversity.  On the first stage, while competing with the lead break away group, Mark suffered a flat tire.  After making a quick tire change in the pouring rain and 20+ mph winds, he time-trialed to the finish to still place in the top ten.  On the second day, Mark crushed his competition in coming second place for the day.  The final day (stage 3), Mark showed his true colors.  During the break away, the leader of the race flatted.  Mark could have easily take kept riding and won the entire race.  Showing outstanding sportsmanship, Mark turned around and assisted the leader.  Both riders flew to the finish line, with Mark taking 3rd on the day and 3rd overall for the Norfolk Stage Race.  

Great riding and great sportsmanship, Mark!!! 


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