Jun 12, 2017

Brian Murphy sends: 

"One of my longstanding athletes, Barbara Lagana, conquered the B2VT ride yesterday.  The B2VT is an epic 140mile, 1 day ride from the Greater Boston area to Ludlow, VT (Okemo Mtn).  The ride is punctuated with approximately 8.0k of climbing.  This is the longest ride Barbara has ever done.  She nailed her Intensity Factor for the ride at the targeted 80%, I set for her.  Yahoo!  Barbara is a Masters Age Grouper (I don’t want to reveal her age, but if you knew, I guarantee you’d be very impressed), who is riding the Kick Some Pass Ride in Colorado the week after next.  So, the B2VT ride has set Barbara up perfectly for some “Rocky Mountain High” climbing! "

Brian Murphy is a PCG Elite coach and lives in West Falmouth, Massachusetts 


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