May 16, 2017

After finishing third overall in last years Chico Stage Race Cat 35+ 3/4, Robb was 100% focused on winning this year. Having four teammates to support the goal made a significant difference on the final TT stage. During the RR he was able to stay well below FTP for 70% of the race, see chart. 

The team was able to execute their strategy and bring Robb and Jeff to the gravel with a clean line, taking 3rd and 31 seconds on the field.
The plan for the Crit was to finish with the pack - check/done. Now tied for 2nd with a teammate.
Sunday morning Robb contacted me to confirm proper pacing for the TT. The previous days data was telling us that he was going into the TT with less fatigue and should be able to handle a higher average during the TT. Robb held back during the first few minutes and ramp it up finishing 30 seconds in the lead. Bam 1st overall !!!

Couldn’t be more proud of Robb and the team. How his teammates sacrificed themselves. How dedicated Robb is to perfecting his TT position. The support he has from his family and overcome personal challenges and achieved his goal - is nothing short of amazing. Taking home that yellow jersey is awesome - Congratulations!

Robb is coached by PCG Elite Master Coach Earl Zimmerman


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