May 16, 2017

Robb Herrick - One weekend four races and three podiums!

3rd Place - Winchester CR Master 45+3/4 Race: Stayed in the back and tried to conserve as much energy as possible. Could handle the course and suffer through the climbs. Relaxed on the descents and did not have to work to re-attach. The final lap, when one Pen Velo went off the front and was creating a gap on the back side. He was slowly being reeled and on the final climb up to the finish, the field began stringing out. I still felt like I had some punch left, so I began moving up and was able to reel in the lead guys. Two of them countered and I could not hold their wheels. I settled for third place. 

Winchester CR Master 35+34 Race. On the fourth climb there was a decent attack forming off the front and I was caught in back of the pack. I began moving up and was close to bridging the group, when I found myself in the front of the first chase group with several guys on my wheel. I realized I was going to drag 4 or 5 guys with me back to the breakaway which had a teammate in it. I immediately eased off the throttle and made the other guys go around me. I jumped on their wheels and rode their draft. The chase group finally blew up and never able to bridge back. A small chase group formed with four teammates and none of us did any work to close the gap, and our goal was accomplished. I limped across the line for 11th. Good teamwork made the break possible, with the attacks, throttling up the pace and not chasing down a teammate.

Proper post race recovery was critical to be competitive in the following ITT events. 

2nd Place - Tempus Fugit ITT: Masters 35+3/4 Field. Excited to see five teammates line up for this race. (We need to do a team tt one of these days) My goal was to try to hold 335-340 watts for the race with a avg cadence of 95. After two races on Saturday, I knew my legs weren’t fresh. I was able to hold 340 watts for the first half of the climb out, and it slowly began dropping.  I finished in 26:16 with avg power of 323 watts, cadence at 95 and it was good for second place.

2nd Place - Tempus Fugit ITT: Second race was the Masters 45+3/4 and my target wattage for this race was 320 with cadence of 95. Yeah, not even close, the legs said nope. I was able to avg 320 watts on the way out, but faded on the way back and had average power of 309. I just couldn't get anything else out of them. I finished at 26:32 and 6 seconds behind the winner good for another second place.

Robb is coached by PCG Elite Master Coach Earl Zimmerman


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