Sep 12, 2016

On Sunday August 21, 2016 PCG coach Karen Mackin's Singapore husband/wife Duo, Lynette and Siong Hing both competed in the Selatar Aerospace Criterium.

Lynette came in 3rd among a strong field of very explosive competitors. The entire race she was trying hard to figure out what it would take to win the race because she knew she wouldn't out-sprint this field! In the final lap an early acceleration resulted in a gap between Lynette and the top 3 riders. She went as hard as she could to catch up. Once she bridged up to them, she just kept going and opened up a solid gap. Coming into the final stretch, the other riders were getting closer. Right at the line she was passed by two of them but held off the third and took bronze.

Siong's race was intense due to the abundance of teams with 5-8 riders. Siong praised his one and only teammate for being very "devoted and awesome" in helping him to podium. Since there were only two of them, they let the big teams chase down most of the breaks but with one lap to go, They got to the front and his teammate lead him out for as long as he could, all the way to the last turn. After the lead-out, Siong took the inside line came out in front with a 20 meter Gap, but two riders managed to come around and Siong took 3rd.

Congratulations to Siong and Lynette!

Both athletes are coached by Elite Master PCG Coach Karen Mackin


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