May 30, 2017

Singapore's Individual Time Trial National Championships were held on May 7th, 2017. Lynette Hing's first sentence in her post-activity comments was "My worst nightmare, somehow [I] could not get my power meter to work"!  She had spent the previous day visualizing herself maintaining her target wattage, but now she needed an alternate plan. Fortunately, the course was the same as last year. She quickly checked last year's results, memorized her lap splits and attempted to hit similar splits for the early laps to ensure that she didn't start out too hard.  She was a little worried in the first lap, because she felt like she might be working too hard, but was reassured when she saw her first lap time.  She kept working very hard, and soon passed the girl ahead of her. She commented, "My legs were super sore and I was really breathless... I wasn't sure if I was going too hard or if I should slow down. I dug deep and forced myself to continue, overtaking the second girl ahead, then the third. I could barely maintain my pace on the last lap and was very tempted to slow down. Then I saw the fourth girl in front. It took a long time but I finally overtook her as well. Was really happy to come in first!"  

The National Championship Road race was two weeks later on Sunday, May 21st.   To Lynette's surprise, she found it to be one of the friendliest races she had ever been to.  She described the women in her category as "relaxed and chatty".  The first three laps, everyone rode together, rotating at the front. When the last lap came around, Lynette didn't want it to come down to a sprint, because she knew that this would lead to an easy win for one of the other girls.  In the last lap, she decided to make a break with three kilometers left to go. Lynette detailed the end of the race: "I rode as hard as I could, then settled into VO2 max pace. The finish line took forever and I was starting to tire. I turned around and saw them rapidly gaining onto me. Giving a final push, I was so happy to cross the line and finish first!"

Lynette Hing is coached by PCG Elite/Master coach Karen Mackin


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