May 31, 2016

Tom Nelson Sends:
"Through your help and Peaks Coaching Group I was able post a 47:58 time on the the SCNCA's "State" 40k Course in the individual time trial. This was a 1:13 improvement from my time last year as a Cat 3 Gold Medalist and netted me the Gold Medal for the 45+ Masters Group.  It was the second fastest time of the day and second only to a Pro 1/2 time.  My power was up 10 watts from last year and only achievable with realistic pacing strategy from you and workouts structured to assure a negative split.  While I held 360 watts for the first 17 miles of the course I was able to increase my power to an average of 377 watts over the last 6 miles of the course where I had previously seen a drop in power over this last downwind segment of the race. Thank you. One week later I returned with 3 teammates from Swami's Cycling Club and we won the Gold Medal in the 140+ Men's competition.  Though the fields were small secondary to the National Championships our time would have won us the Open and 180+ Men's groups as well. We lost one of our teammates 6 miles in and two us were able to bring our finishing trio in :32 seconds in front of the Silver Medal team.  

Thanks to you, Gordy and Peaks Coaching. 


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