Apr 28, 2016

Paul Curruthers:
Dark Star 45.6km Hilly Trail Ultra Marathon - 4:36hrs.

"Very muddy indeed. Had wrong shoes. Turned my right ankle early on, then same thing happened multiple times after that. Ankle now knackered. Good race though!" - (ankle very badly sprained and bruised from race).

Brighton Marathon - 3:33hrs.
"My sore ankle was 100% fine both during the event and afterwards, so I think it is totally healed. In terms of the race, it started badly when all my gels fell out of my gel holder within 1 minute of the start. Doh – bad planning there! I ran at a steady effort level and went through the half marathon in a comfortable 1.38, feeling really good. Up to 20 miles it was all fine, then I got a crippling pain in my hip – never had it before. I actually shouted out loud. After that, I started cramping up and it all fell apart. Physically I felt fine and had plenty of energy but the cramp was really bad. Last mile must have taken 12-14 mins or so, and my chip time was 3.33. If I hadn’t cramped up, I think I would have got 3.20 or so, which would have been good. Good to get it done though, and I’m pleased I finished.
Paul is coached by PCG Coach Mark Tickner


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