Apr 28, 2016

Windsor Duathlon - Sprint 5/20/2.5 - 8th overall - 1st age group!

"Wasn't an ideal start as jogged to the start and realized I'd forgotten my chip. Was best part of 1km back to get it so did 2k at a fairly high pace and had 3-4mins before we were off. First run then was fairly steady for me, then transition was very muddy but messed up my mount and one shoe unclipped and fell off... but only a few seconds lost. After the bike I got very bad cramp running through the mud back to my transition. Cramp went once onto the tarmac. 2nd run was out and back and felt quite good. Thought about pushing on a bit more but was worried about pacing so kept it even. I lost one place, but maybe if I'd been more motivated I could have kept it. 
Did feel like I'd got as much as I could out of myself though in the last half km to finish."

Puerto Rico 70.3 Triathlon - Finished 5th in age group with a 5:02hrs (would have finished 3rd without puncture... and qualified for World Championships, but declined!).

"Bike started well and felt good. There was hardly anyone on the road, only pros and one wave in front. Caught a few but fairly lonely ride until about 10 mile in when I caught a couple of guys. Was passing loads of people and at this point a motorbike yellow flagged me, I'd seen it and slowed to make sure I was 6 bike lengths behind and he flagged me for taking too long to pass slower riders. I was pretty annoyed as the two guys in front were doing a 2-up. 30 seconds later I hit something and front tyre went bang. Took 8 mins to change according to Garmin. Had problem inflating tyre as end of value snapped and eventually restarted with a very soft tyre.
Was pretty demotivated at this point and got passed by a few on return to transition kinda going through the motions. Then stopped just after dismount for penalty, which was around 45secs. 
Official bike time was 2:38.

Very hot, and every aid station was pouring water over my head. Had massive urge to stop! Kept plodding and tried a bit harder on second lap but still suffering with the heat....as were most people. Managed to kick a bit with 5k to go and finished fairly strong but was exhausted".

Paul Blackmore is coached by PCG Coach Mark Tickner


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