Oct 19, 2015

Coached by Bill Brunner.

Vishwesh Arya, Team India Giant reports results:
“TCC MMSC Crit is a 10 lap points race with sprints in the 5th and last lap which would decide the overall winner. 
The race started with attacks right after the start but all of them were quickly chased down. Just before the finish of the 2nd lap there was huge crash in the peloton and group of 3 broke away which included my Giant India teammate, Roshan Diwaker. A huge gap between the 3 of them and the peloton grew and I was in between. I started a pursuit of the leading trio and caught them after a kilometer of hard chasing. After 3 laps of the race 2 other riders joined us and a total of 6 riders were in the break. The chasing group was about 30 seconds behind with the gap slowly increasing. We kept the pace high and continued to work together until Roshan attacked with 6 laps remaining to whittle down the group, one rider got dropped and Roshan was chased down by the other 3 riders while I sat behind them. 
With the 5th lap coming up we all started to look at each other as there was a points sprint at the end of the lap. We continued to ride while looking at each other and with 500 meters to the finish line I attacked and was able to hold on to take the points. 
We came across the finish line with one lap to go and I asked Roshan to lead me out as I had won the 1st sprint and had a good chance of winning. With 500 meters to go Roshan put in a mild attack with me on his wheel to catch the other 3 riders off guard. With 300 meters to go we had a gap of 10 meters with 3 turns coming up. I went through the first one pretty fast and ended going wide and put in a small sprint to stay on Roshan's slipstream. As we approached the 2nd corner I entered it pretty fast which caused my back wheel to skid out on the wet tarmac and I crashed. By the time I got back on the bike the other 3 riders who were in the break with me and Roshan passed me. I was able to hang on to finish 5th on the last Sprint prime that Roshan won. 
Roshan finished 2nd overall and I finished 3rd.”


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