Oct 20, 2015

Coached by Bill Brunner.

Matt Jogodnik, Montclair Bikery Colavita Development’s report on his top finish in the Cat 4 race:
“I immediately sprinted from the whistle at the back of the grid and made up my time in the hole shot. I and was in third position by the first quarter of the first lap. My rush to get to the front came with a price though, as I crashed twice in the first lap and dropped back to tenth. I built on my performance in the first lap with my second lap being the fastest of any lap time in my category that day. By the last lap, I was sitting in about sixth position, and pretty spent. First place had been away the entire race, and I had missed the second and third place group’s attack. A few minutes before the finish, I attacked from my group, and held my fourth place position until the finish.”


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