Oct 2, 2015

Coached by Gordy Paulson.

Coach Gordy, 
"Sometimes the Winners don’t get to stand on the podium. Ken is the organizer and promoter of a really special 4 day ride around Banff benefiting Habitat for Humanity. At my request he forwarded a summary of the riding and some pictures. A couple of the coolest things are the fact that he helped raises more than $125,000.00 for a good cause and… the picture of the moose they encountered on the route. Notably, one year they had to shorten the course to avoid a mother grizzly and her cubs. Ken’s a special athlete and his ride is something special too."

Ken's report:
I’m always so energized after speaking with you.  I’m so happy with where my 2015 year ended and am looking forward to getting right back into a solid winter training program to get be beyond that 300 watt target.
I’ve attached some pictures along with a quick ride summary of our Habitat for Humanity Ride Through The Rockies.  We had an amazing group of riders and raised over $125,000 dollars for Habitat for Humanity. 
Stage One - Thursday:   Cochrane to Canmore 
Approx. 75Km 
We had a perfect sunny fall day for our 75km into the heart of the Rockies.  We had a group of 5 of us that quickly broke away and stayed together right into Canmore.  We worked well together and even had a few moments to enjoy the colors at the base of the Rockies. 
Stage Two - Friday:     Canmore to Lake Louise 
Approx. 99Km 
Stage 2 started with clear skies but quickly turned dark with some heavy winds and light rain at times through the first 60km’s.  We had a group of 11 that stayed and worked together until a group of 3 felt we weren’t working hard enough and decided to break things apart.  This route is the most challenging routes of the tour and although only at 99km’s feels more like 140km’s. 
Stage Three - Saturday:    Castle Junction to Kananaskis Village 
approx. 115Km. 
Stage 3 took no time to ramp the pace up but a group of 10 still had the legs to stay together until our lunch stop at approximately 70km’s.  3 decided not to stop which then broke the group up into a bunch of small groups which clawed their way to Kananaskis and the final 2km 7% climb to the hotel… 
Stage Four - Sunday:     Kananaskis Village to Cochrane 
approx. 86Km 
Although Stage 4 is typically a more relaxed ride we found our way into a slight tailwind and 5 of us set a relentless pace which didn’t end until we made our final turn back into Cochrane.  What a beautiful day to be on the bike.


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