Oct 13, 2015

Ben Douglas, Montclair Bikery Colavita Development won his first cyclocross race.

“I started the race after exploring the course by myself and also with Coach Bill in the first line of competitors. After the beginning sprint, I was in second place behind Ethan D'Alessandro, closely followed by the 15-18 state champion, George Kruger. After about half a lap, George Kruger activated his first attack. After noticing George's plan, I quickly sped up to overtake Ethan and jump back in George's wheel. I sat on George's wheel, letting him do the pace making. On the large descent George created a small gap between us but I would close it the barriers. After a half hour of racing, George and I were not sure it was our last lap, after Coach Bill told me from the side lines in the last 200 meters, that it was, I attacked and passed George. 
I worked really hard to keep the little distance and crossed the line first.”


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