Sep 1, 2015

Coached by David Ertl.

Two years ago, 64 year old John Melville was overweight and somewhat out of shape. He joined the Des Moines Cycle Club's program called Pedal Off The Pounds, based on the book I wrote by the same title. However, John participated virtually as he lives in Maryland. Despite this, he was successful in getting back on the bike and losing significant weight. He has lost a total of 50 pounds since then, 1/4 of his body weight.

Last year, as he began a coaching program and ramped up his training he discovered his knees weren't up to the task, so over this past winter he had both knees replaced. Coming off of six months of downtime last year, his goals this year were simply to ride a century this year, complete RAGBRAI - the 7-day, 481 mile tour across Iowa and hopefully get back to his past fitness level. In July he not only completed RAGBRAI but also knocked out a century on one of the days. Not satisfied with having accomplished those goals, he then proceeded to sign up for a time trial for the first time, a tough 50K hilly time trial called That Dam Time Trial in Maryland. During this time trial he set a new personal best FTP and discovered he enjoyed competing. He competed in a second time trial a week later and set another best FTP!

John has been an inspiration to a lot of people who have met him. He has shown what someone is capable of when they put their mind to it and put in the effort. I can't wait to see what he will tackle and accomplish next.


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