Aug 20, 2015

Coached by Bill Brunner.

Vishwesh Arya, Team Giant India, won the Second Annual Gonikoppa Independence Day U19 Race.

Vishwesh reports: “The race started off in the center of the city and after a few hundred meters in some thick traffic inside the city the race took a left hand turn and headed into rural rolling roads. After about 3 kilometers I attacked and broke away with another rider (Tharun Shiv from Team Cyclopedia) on a slight uphill.  Right after that short hill there was a very hard headwind for a few kilometers and a few riders were catching up to us, so I decided to dig a bit hard and we got a significant gap of about 30 seconds which started to increase. After about 15 kilometers into the race we decided to recover a bit and both of us took equal turns on the front. The terrains was quite hilly, with short climbs every 200-300 meters. 

At 25 km mark there was a long not so steep climb where I went to the front and upped the pace and could hear Tharun panting and decided to attack on the next climb. Unfortunately after a kilometer of descent we were back in the city and the finish was just about 500 meters away. We took a left hander and hit the main road where there was a bunch of cars stuck in a traffic jam. I went from the left and he went around on the right side, the traffic cleared just as we came through and I started my sprint as the finish was only about 200-250 meters away. He reacted a late and I got a gap of 20 meters and before he could catch up I crossed the finish line.”

Well done.


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