Jun 1, 2015

Stephen Spiller of Montclair Bikery Colavita Development Team took back to back silver medals at the Bound Brook Cycling Classic and The Tour of Somerville junior races. Six corners and high temperatures kept the field together at Bound Brook till the last lap. Chris Goguen charged off the front with half of a lap to go. Stephen unleashed his sprint from 600 meters out in an effort the catch Chris ultimately crossing the line for second.

Another hot afternoon did not slow down the large field of juniors at the Tour of Somerville. Several breaks got away and Bikery Colavita team members Miles Whitford and Anthony Marsilio worked tirelessly to bring the group back together. The day had 4 of the 5 Montclair teammates hit the deck and take advantage of the free lap rule including Stephen. Aron Temple powered of the front with a few laps to go and Stephen was left to take a shot and catch Aron in the last dash, falling just short for another second place. Congratulations Stephen.

PCG Coach: Bill Brunner


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