Jun 15, 2015

Coached by Karen Mackin.

On June 7th, 2015, Siong and Lynette Hing lined up (along with over 1800 other cyclists) for the 2015 Kuantan Century, Malaysia. The women and men all lined up together. 

This year’s course started with intense rolling hills, which immediately split the peloton. Siong managed to stay near the front and therefore was right where the action was. The pace was lightning fast with so many big teams making attacks, one right after another. After many failed breakaway attempts, one group of 4 riders finally got away. In the last 10-15km of the race, Siong managed to get in a successful break of 7 riders with a small gap of 30-40s from the chasing peloton. In the last 2km, the cat and mouse began with the final climb over a huge bridge into the finish. He explained, "Our group was scattered and we were left fighting for our lives in the last 1km. Time gap was down to 20s. I was running on fumes but a minuscule dying burst was enough to push me into 2nd in my group of 5 riders, while the last 2 riders got swarmed by the peloton." This effort was enough to put him in 6th place overall and 1st in his age group to win the Yellow Jersey. Results are still unofficial (one week after race!). He was thrilled with the race and exclaimed, it was "the best race of my life!"

His wife, Lynette, had a great race as well. Even with the lead group breaking off with the first 3 women ahead, she fought valiantly and managed to claim 5th!  

Congratulations to Siong and Lynette!


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