Jun 15, 2015

Coached by Bill McLaughlin.

Jeffrey’s report from the Shanghai Classic Race, “Saturday was the Shanghai Classics Race and I got first overall and third in the Sprints. I hold the yellow jersey in that series. We are showing up to race. We broke away after the 1st lap, for half a lap there were 3 people then just Joe and I. We lapped the pack and almost lapped the pack again. They shortened the race for the pack. My power meter battery was dead. But felt good."

Following Saturday’s victory, Jeffrey competed in the Hero’s race and sent us this race report, “Sunday was the Hero’s Race and I got 2nd in the race but I hold the gray jersey, which is the same as the yellow jersey for 35 and up.

Today I attacked from the start the pack broke apart groups chasing, 10 feet and 20 feet gaps, some people immediately dropped, one 1st corner was really quick, then a 2nd. Then right before the end of the 1st lap, I attacked again right after the corner, Joe and I pushed and after the corners, 1 person with us. He dropped on the big straight away, surprised, then we powered on next 3 laps around 41kph then just kept going and lapping people then the pack around 8, laps in. On the last, lap we were catching them again. They essentially sat up after we lapped them. When we passed them around lap 8, I really pushed it to put a big gap between, us and that was it. Sore, but feeling good. Last lap, I didn't notice until after the race, my plastic number had swung down and was rubbing on my tire like a brake. Took, the tire down to the threads. Lucky it didn't blow the tire.”

Congrats Jeffrey! You are on fire.


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