Apr 20, 2015

Jeffrey Reeds nailed it at the Shanghai Race Series Yingchuo Lake ITT and TTT! He won both! Jeffrey won the ITT by 1 minute and 20 seconds over the second place finisher. Jeffrey has been on fire and looking great in this series. He is sitting nicely in second place and still getting stronger.

Here is Jeffrey race report, “I got 1st by over a minute 42.8kph avg. Ad that included coming almost to a stop behind two mountain bikers who freaked out as I came behind them in a corner and it was also wet and had a 20m cobble section that was very slick. Our TTT WAS ALSO first 44.8kph I did 53.88kph on the straight away pulling my team at the end and I can't wait to analyses both files. Our team result is unofficial as only 1 team members chip was detected at the finish. We finished at the same time, only lost 1 rider. My team mates all said wow you are strong but one complaint was I accelerated too quickly out of corners, especially on the last lap. Thank you coach!!”

Way to go Jeffrey! Looking awesome!!

PCG Coach: Bill McLaughlin


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