Apr 13, 2015

Jeffrey Reed raced to a 2nd place at the 2015 East of Zhejiang Province Cycling Race Station 1: XiKou in China!

Jeffrey has been training hard at both building his power and losing weight and it really paid off in a tough hill climb road race. Here is Jeffrey’s detailed race report to his coach Bill: "Around 40 competitors and I got 2nd in a hill climb race. I drafted when I could, tried to keep in my power range, worked with 2 others for a while rotating on the front and then followed a guy who got 4th as he tried to drop me and then he did. Started out hard but felt it was worth the candles to stay with the lead group and save some energy drafting. Found another big guy and a tiny one and we just rotated for a while until the real climb began. Then the big guy got dropped, well he was probably 70 or 75kg max. While I am 93kg. The other guy was probably around 60kg. When the big guy dropped the little guy really kicked it and I stayed on his wheel for a while and then dropped back to a comfortable pace that was sustainable. Kept passing people and passing the other riders who tried to draft then were dropped. I noticed many people would get to a flat area and rest, I pushed upped the speed, kept an efficient gear ratio, using the big ring when I could and kept aero. I wore my skin suit, and shoe covers, I had my number well attached, almost no drag from it and just churned out until the end, I think I could have gone slightly harder in hind sight, but I don't think I would have had a better result. The ride was gorgeous and a perfect practice climb for the future but a little far away. I got lots of compliments and oh the final sprint, last kilometer I passed 2 people, one tried to hammer and blew up, I stayed steady, slightly upping the tempo and then I saw one more kicked it and passed the last guy 150 meters from the finish. One of the top guys said that was a great sprint at the end, I was on your wheel and you just dropped me. Happy, fun, exciting and beautiful. A great well organized event."

Jeffrey is doing awesome and this 2nd place finish puts Jeffrey in 2nd place in the race series as well!

PCG Coach: Bill McLaughlin


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