Mar 10, 2015

March 7 - Madera, CA: Robb executed the strategy to the letter and it paid off with another top spot on the podium at the Madera Stage Race, Cat 4 Masters 35+. 

The weekend started off with a Crit where Robb placed in the top 10. That afternoon, he crushed the field in the TT by 90 seconds. 

Going into Sundays RR, he was sitting in the lead with 1:14. The winner of the race would get a 30 second time bonus. It was cold and windy at the start and nobody seemed to want to do anything. During the first lap he stayed up front. On the last lap he went to the front, set a tempo pace and led the last 10 miles, including the 4 mile bad road. That allowed him to choose his own lines and not get led into a pothole. The finish was uphill rollers and he led out the sprint and settled for 6th. The guy who won the crit also won the road race today and he received a total of 55 seconds in time bonuses. He ended up winning the overall by 30 seconds.

Great job, Robb!

PCG Coach: Earl Zimmermann


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