Jul 7, 2014

Ralph Sigg along with his team mate Christoph Stähli won the Grand Masters division of the 7 day Tour de Transalp. The 7 days crossed 19 mountain passes, covered almost 825 km and had over 19000 hm of climbing.  The first 4 Stages were especially challenging due to the weather, Rain and Snow.  Ralph and Christoph won the first stage and heal the lead for the entire 7 day race.  Their closest challenge came for a pair of Canadians on day 6. The Canadian pair made up almost 2:30 of their 8+ minute deficit.   Stage 7 had plenty of opportunities to attack. 3 major climbs totaling over 2500 hm of climbing.  As we anticipated the Canadians attacked on the first hill but when they couldn't get a way, a gentleman’s agreement was made, The Canadians took the stage and Ralph and Christoph had the overall GC victory.  In route to the GC win they also won stages 1, 3, 4 and 5.  Congratulations… all your hard work, long trainer rides, suffering though HIIT sessions really made the difference. 

PCG Coach: James Schaefer


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