Jun 21, 2014

On Saturday June 21, 2014, Nathan LaFrance raced at TriMonroe Junior Elite Cup. This race is a qualifier for the Junior Elite draft-legal National Championship and one of only four draft-legal racing opportunities in the United States for his category, so the competition is extremely fierce. One of Nathans primary goals this year was to qualify for Nationals. Nathan's racing age is 16, the youngest of this Category, which goes to 19 years of age so this goal was a challenge. His Peaks Coach, Karen Mackin has been working with him to hone the special skills required for draft legal racing. Skills are critical when the race is about 1 hour long because a fast transition, and knowing how to work effectively within the peloton can mean the difference of many placing’s especially with the depth of strong competitors at these Elite Cup races. This was Nathans 2nd Elite Cup race and he was thrilled with his results, not only did he shave off 2 minutes from the last race, he qualified for the National Championship Race! He said, "My swim was faster than last race". This made a big difference for Nathan because it landed him in with a much stronger group of cyclists than last time. He was very pleased with his run too. Last race he got passed by some athletes, this time he said he "held it together and even passed a few people on the run". "This is all a result of Nathan's meticulous attention to detail on his training", Coach Karen explains. Congratulations, Nathan, on a Great race!

PCG Coach: Karen Mackin


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