Apr 8, 2014

On Sunday April 6th, Tim Whitney set out to Cohasset, MA to race the 38th annual Cohasset Road Race by the Sea 10K. Tim started out a little on the slow side, feeling like it just wasn't going to be a good day. He said, "Funny race, felt draggy first 3, not great pace and thought I was stuck with slow race, but able to pick it up the second half a lot." Since he has been training for his first marathon, his endurance has significantly improved and he explained that he thought it was the improved endurance that enabled him to gradually pick up the pace resulting in a sweet negative split. So, not only did he do his 2nd fastest 10k ever, he managed a personal course record AND 3rd place in his Age Group! Not to shabby for starting out a little "draggy". Excellent work Tim!

PCG Coach: Karen Mackin