Mar 25, 2014

Greg Campi competed in the Delray Criterium on Saturday and the Delray Gran Fondo on Sunday. He did an awesome job as this race wasn’t in the plan at all he went to Florida to visit his mother. He put in an excellent effort as he is preparing for his main event Battenkill. From the results I’d say he looks to do great at Battenkill!

Here is Greg’s recap, “Good training this weekend. Saturday I competed in the Delray Crit easy course, 35 minutes. After start PAC split up with me staying in lead group. This was my first group ride and race for the year. I forgot how quick events change. I was able to go with some attacks but as usual missed the key break of 3 riders. I had a great save in a wet turn and made a big gap that I able to catch back up to front group. On the last lap just took it too easy, not 100% comfortable in the wet turn. But great short interval work out. About 15th place.

On Sunday I did Delray Gran Fondo. Perfect Florida weather: 80, sunny, and no wind. 100k. I started in the front in the A+ group… fast and smooth. I came in 3rd in my age group with a 2:15 ride time and average of 26.4mph.  Wow, this is my fastest 100k ride ever. I am feeling good and will do Fool’s Classic this Saturday. Good tune up for Battenkill.”

PCG Coach: Bill McLaughlin