May 22, 2013

Tom Platt of JLVelo Ambassadors - West Side Mountain Bike Series - 2nd place @ Henry's Ridge MTB race, Cat 2, May 20th. I was in 5th or 6th going into the singletrack and patiently waited for the pace to settle and passed a guy on a hardtail fairly soon. We got to the hill section that was my undoing 2 years ago and I was feeling better so I pushed the pace. I passed another guy on the climb and got clean into the singletrack again. I passed a couple other guys here and there from other classes I think. 2nd lap, I rode great and hammered the 1st climb. Maintained my pace as best I could in the switchbacks. I actually had the presence of mind to be dissatisfied with my pace. I felt like I should have been going faster. I rode a bigger gear and motored along, then going into the rough section, the wheels started coming off. I finished strong, confident that I'd had a good ride. I was happy with my climbing and flow in the rough.

PCG Coach: Earl Zimmermann