Apr 11, 2013

Ben rocks his first MTB racing Sport Men 40+ taking 4th at Prairie City MTB race in Sacramento CA.  Our local mountain bike race series started last week on Wednesday. It was my first official MTB race.  Out of a group of 50 guys in my class which is Sport 40-49 I came in 4th place!, and that was on a heavy 6" travel full suspension bike. It was awesome!  My heart rate was redlined the whole time but my body never gave out until just before the finish line. Two guys were way off the front(i never even saw them) from the start and posted lap times comparable to the pro class so I chalk them up to sand-bagging experts....I am supposed to be the asthmatic fat guy off the back??.... This is awesome!.  Great story Ben. 

PCG Coach: Earl Zimmermann