Mar 25, 2013

In a prelude to the upcoming NRC season, Bissell Pro Carter Jones took 3rd on GC and Best Young Rider overall to signal strong coming form.  Carter established a strong position on the challenging stage 1 uphill TT by finishing 5th, just 2 sec off the podium.  On stage 2, he rode smartly to come out of a crash marred stage unscathed, while race leader and teammate, Phil Gaimon had to be airlifted due to injuries.  On the stage 3 criterium, Carter bridged to a 6 man breakaway in an attempt to close the 26 second gap to first, but was pulled back with 3 laps to go.  By finishing in the front group though, he ended up with the two podiums at the end of the day. 

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PCG Coach:  Stephen McGregor