Feb 19, 2013

Robb is pumped "best result ever!!" 5th place @ Coppertown Circuit Race, Cat 4 Masters 35+, Fairfield, CA. Properly conserved his energy during the short race and had enough matches to contest the field sprint, missing 4th by inches.  "60 minutes of surges and little punchy climbs. My job was to stay in the pack until the end then try to move up in the last lap. I hung in the last third of the field for majority of the race. 3 racers including one of ours got into a breakaway, so the team sat back and let them go. Unfortunately our guy slipped back to us, and by that time the breakaway was gone. After the final 180 degree turn, I began moving up to where Omir and Mike T were. I tried to draft as much until I got on Mike T's wheel. At the 1 Km marker I was able to position myself on the inside shoulder. Right around the 200 meter marker, a hole opened and I took off. I missed 4th by less than 3 inches. Maybe waiting a few seconds longer would have secured 4th, but the gap was there and I decided to go for it. Just ran out of steam near the finish. It was awesome to see our team strategy work."  

PCG Coach: Earl Zimmermann