Nov 28, 2012

It was a long season of Cyclocross racing and the overall strategy paid off, earning enough points to take 3rd overall in the Seattle Cyclocross series.  He went into the last race at Monroe, WA with enough confidence to hold onto third or better for the series.  Day of the race was classic late season CX conditions, cold, foggy, deep mud, off camber descents with technical turns.  All week it rained enough that some sections of the course had deep soapy mud puddles.  His confidence was shattered in  the first three minutes of the race when four different people crashed in front of him allowing a few in front to gain a huge gap.  The rest of the race was focus, stay out of traffic and stay upright, which he did to take 11th.  At this point really bummed that he had lost a spot on the podium.  After much anguish he looked at the final results and had to do a double take, still in third for the series.  Very excited !! Congratulations Dave, showing that you should never give up. 

PCG Coach: Earl Zimmermann

Moving up on a technical off camber descent at Monroe, WA