Oct 31, 2017

Bruce Rychlik won the Silver Medal on October 22, 2017 in Surry, NH at Keene Pumpkin Cross in the Men Cat 4/5 50+ Race.  

He was also thrilled to come in 5th among his competitors in the combined field that day (Juniors, and Cat 4/5 40+)!.  The outcome was well deserved and long awaited for Bruce.  It was the culmination of all of the hard work  he has done building up to this race.  

His PCG Elite/Master Coach, Karen Mackin says, "Bruce just gets down to business, does the killer intervals and is attentive to details during skills practices." 

He has been consistently improving since he first started CX. Reminiscing about the race Bruce explained, "I wasn’t sure if I would ever make a podium. Every week I looked longingly at the racers with their arms held high. They earned what they deserved.  I just couldn’t understand the circumstances in which I would get one. I surprised myself during the sprint and knew from then on, I would have a chance! And, now that I have one, I am not sure if I will get another. But I really savored the moment to be sure."  Congratulations Bruce!


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