Jul 18, 2017

This past weekend, PCG Athlete Bob Frechette made his first ascent of one of the most daunting bike climbs in North America.  In August of each year, up to six hundred riders take part in a race which centers around a 7.6 mile (12.2 km) climb to the top of New Hampshire's Mt Washington—the highest peak in New England. The Mt Washington Auto Road has an average gradient of 12% and reaches gradients of up to 22%.  Mount Washington is fondly known as the “Rock Pile.”  While the race is officially a month away, Bob participated in a practice ride to recon the course. Bob’s goal was to reach the summit and do so in less than 2 hours.  Not only did he achieve his goal, Bob finished in a time of [1:46:00].  For Bob, racing up Mt Washington is not just another bucket list item to be checked off.  A few weeks ago, Bob’s mother passed away after an extended illness.  

As a consequence, Bob’s training frequently had to be put on hold.  Despite, this Bob proved the old adage, where’s there is a will, there is a way.  Bob is coached by PCG Elite Coach, Brian Murphy.


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