Jul 17, 2017

After winning a silver medal in the Individual Time Trial last week at the Macabbi games in Israel.  PCG Athlete, Eddie Stern made it 2 for 2, earning another silver medal in the road race (82km). The circuit course (4 laps), had a challenging 11min climb followed by a steep technical descent.  Eddie reports, the race was hard fought.  A major attack on the first climb left Eddie out of the lead selection.  Before the next climb, Eddie dug deep to bridge across to the lead group of 5 riders.  To make his way back to the break, Eddie put out all-time, 1 min and 5 min peak power.  On the next climb, Eddie took a flyer off the front and put a hurt on the break group.  The group eventually, caught Eddie but he had drained much enthusiasm from their legs.  This proved to be a tactical advantage as the finish line approached.  When the final sprint launched, most could not respond.  Eddie missed taking the Gold medal by 2 seconds.  Eddie takes home 4 silver medals from Israel (2 individual and 2 for Team USA).  Eddie is coached by PCG Elite Coach Brian Murphy.


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