Apr 10, 2017

This Athlete Accomplishment comes to us from Faster Skier. Bryan Fletcher is one of our coaches and we are very excited here at Peaks Coaching Group that he has won the 
FasterSkier’s Nordic Combined Athlete of the Year award.

 From FasterSkier.com:
The athletic and psychological bar is set high. Imagine a sport where you’re perched hundreds of meters above the ground, the wind whistles, and you’re accelerating down in a tight tuck, and then it’s fleeting moments of flight before a stylish telemark landing.

That’s followed by a more terrestrial and lung burning feat of racing on cross country skis. It’s a sport where explosive power in jumping is complemented by an elite middle distance runner’s aptitude for high speed endurance.
Enter Bryan Fletcher as FasterSkier’s North American Nordic Combined Skier of the Year.

According to the International Ski federation’s (FIS) database, U.S. Nordic Combined team member Bryan Fletcher participated in his first international competition back in 2002. For the 30-year-old based in Park City, Utah that’s a lot of jumps and k’s.

Fletcher finished the year as the highest ranked American on the World Cup in 34th. (In 2016 Fletcher ranked 20th overall and 15th overall in 2015.) His season best results came on the front and back end of the season: a ninth place on December 4th in Lillehammer, Norway and an 11th place on March, 18th in Schonach, Germany.

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