Apr 25, 2017

Brian Murphy sends this latest athlete accomplishments from the PCG World Headquarters in Bedford, Virginia during the Spring Cycling Camp. 

Eddie Stern (Pictured Left) continues his string of podium finishes with a 1st Place finish at the Crono Vino TT Cat 4/5.  This was a terrific race for Eddie who has his eyes set on racing the TT at Masters Nationals five weeks from now.  I’ve attached a picture of Eddie holding his podium top step award contributed by the race sponsor.

Jonathan Baker narrowly finished a Cat 5 40+ podium finish by a half wheel length at the Monson Road Race (Monson, MA).  This is an epic race punctuated by many tough climbs.  Jonathan has worked hard during the winter and is now regaining his race form.

Jonathan and Eddie are coached by PCG Elite Coach Brian Murphy


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