Apr 10, 2017

Congratulations Colleen on an outstanding start to your road season.  

Colleen made the jump to Cat 3 at the end of the 2016 season.  Her first race the Black Hills Criterium was her first cirt as a Cat3 and had a very respectable result finishing 6th.  She learned a lot about the level of competition and tactics of the ladies riding in the higher categories.  

Yesterday Colleen returned to the region where she started to race, central Pennsylvania for the Farmersville Road Race.  The race had a field of 30+ ladies, the largest field Colleen had ever raced with.  It was an early and chilly start on race day so a good warm up and starting at the front of the group would set the stage for the day.  Colleen road strong and covered all the key moves of the day ending up on the wheel she was looking for during the sprint.  

Getting slightly boxed in on the sprint she was able to contest for the top step of the podium but was a ½ wheel behind second.  3rd of the day, Congratulations, fantastic start to 2017, keep rolling.

Colleen Grygier is coached by Elite/Master Coach James Schaefer


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