Mar 28, 2017

Peter Sends:

"To begin with, being a gravel race, the conditions were not very good.  It rained all evening and had a short let up just as we were going to begin the race.  There are three hills at the beginning of the race that I have struggled with in the past, however, with the training that I have been doing, I found that it was far easier to conquer those hills and still be on the roll.  The further I got into the race, the more I felt like it was like a time trial as I was loosing those individuals in my age group by quite a bit.  Until about 10 or so miles, I was doing great and then it started to rain hard.  From that part, it was a struggle, but the training that we have been doing so that I could get into a grove with other riders was quite helpful.  I do feel much stronger overall to accomplish those areas that I could not do well the last time. 

Being 2nd in my age group at this race was a thrill which was far more than I thought I would be at this time. "

Peter Chadwick is coached by PCG Elite/Master Coach Gordy Paulson


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