Mar 2, 2017

Having very supportive teammates during a stage race can make all difference at the finish. Don Dumaine had an awesome weekend of racing at the Chico Stage Race MM 35+ 3/4 finishing 5th overall in the GC. During the road race he and Omir drove the pace so his teammates Robb and Jeff could have a clear line entering the 4 mile gravel section. During the Crit, Richard bridged to a solo racer, allowing others to finish with the pack, only a few seconds back and not lose time.

Don borrowed a teammates TT bike taking 5th - Congratulations !!

After watching Don improve his fitness over the years, the charts were telling me he was fit and ready to race. This proves it. I’m so impressed with his efforts/racing and final results!  :-) One heck of a way to start the year. (Don is second from the right)

Don is coached by Earl Zimmerman PCG Elite/Master coach


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