Jan 26, 2017

In an "Epic" week of racing, Peaks athletes Brian Albert and Jaymz Lipinski both braved completely different elements at the 2017 USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals.

Brian Albert raced in the Mens 23-39 Open category in warm, but wet and very slippery conditions. He was in the first race of the weekend and was fortunate to try the now infamous "slip and slide" section that was quickly removed from the course. As Brian mentioned, everyone went down at least 10 times, but he hung in there for finish 23'rd against a group of much younger races.

Jaymz raced Saturday in the Jr. 15-16 group under totally different conditions. With air temp hovering around the 20 degree mark the course and previous tire ruts were frozen solid. And within a hour to the start of the race, snow quickly covered all of the lines and ruts making it impossible to see them. With a 'towards the back" start position, Jaymz was unfortunate to be behind a first corner crash. After getting though it he found himself just about at the back of the field. But he was able to quickly settle in and overtake almost 30 racers over the balance of the race to finish with a very respectable result.

This was the first time racing in a National event for both Brian and Jaymz. And both already have their eyes on Reno next January!

Both Athletes are coached by PCG Associate Coach Bart Lipinski


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