Jan 25, 2017

Congratulations to Arvind Bhateja on winning the Tour of Nilgiris, India’s largest cycling event!  The 7 stages began in Bangalore and ended in Mysore in the southwestern area of Karnataka. For the first 5 stages Arvind stayed within 1:30 of the leaders, making up a little time on the climbs.  On stage 6 the competitive section was mostly downhill. Arvind took the biggest single chunk of time back from the leader: 30 seconds.  This was huge since Arvind is a climber, and built like a climber!  The goal for the day was to hold back and keep reserves in the tank for the last climb on stage 7.  On stage 7 Arvind was able to not only close the gap but put two minutes on the rider ahead of him to win the final stage and General Classification.  This is an especially incredible accomplishment, as 3 weeks prior to the 2015 race Arvind crashed and broke his pelvis.  What an amazing comeback!

Arvind missed the podium presentations because he was flying to the States to spend Christmas with his son who is attending NC State in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Since Raleigh is just a couple of hours from Richmond my wife and I hopped into the car and spent a wonderful afternoon with Arvind and his delightful family!

Arvind showing off his new Peaks Coaching Group Kit.

Arvind Bhateja is coached by PCG Elite Master Coach James Shaefer


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